The entries in this blog focus on parentheses, using them as a lens to compare different things in and about media and culture. They gather various parentheses “leads” I come across and think through them,  if not fully here then elsewhere.

In his Blue Book, Ludwig Wittgenstein writes, “The idea that in order to get clear about the meaning of a general term one had to find the common element in all its applications has shackled philosophical investigation; for it has not only led to no result, but also made the philosopher dismiss as irrelevant the concrete cases, which alone could have helped him to understand the usage of the general term.”

I imagine this blog as collecting such “concrete cases”: ( ). It is intended to be a cross between cultural criticism, an archive, and a philosophical experiment.

More about my interests and what I do is on my website:

Feel free to share any leads or thoughts you have. Thanks.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Katharine said

    This is such a great idea Jeff. I am always intrigued to hear what people think when it comes to interpreting text and symbols. Your comparison between the laurels and the Oscar proclamations on film posters was great.

    I also have a blog if you are interested, but it’s more cultural/television/film reviews.

    Good luck with your dissertation, I’ll certainly keep reading your work.

  2. jayson lantz said

    hey jeff, just thought I would tell you, there is a song entitled “parentheses” by The Blow which I think puts a pretty interesting spin on the idea of parentheses in the context of romance. that’s it. hope all´s well.

  3. Tyler said

    Hey Jeff,
    What an interesting site. I would really like to talk with you about this sometime…keep it up (!!!)

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